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    Chris 'Willard' Sosnowski commented  · 

    It does seem awfully convenient that, after a segment from a popular(ish) tv program urging viewers to use the FCC's supplied comment system to make their voices heard (small as they may be against the roar of Verizon and Comcast's bank accounts) goes viral, that same comment system is suddenly unreachable without so much as an explanatory error message.
    The FCC's plan for the internet is wrong, there's barely a pretense of debate on that. But this plan continues its forward momentum through sheer apathy. The apathy of the people on the issue of preserving a free and open internet, sure, but the past few months have been spent shaking that apathy away like sleep as we raise up from our slumber. This is not the apathy of which I speak.
    The truly corrosive apathy, the apathy eating away the freedom of the internet as we know it, is that of the FCC toward the American people. The fact that an overwhelming majority of the public as against the FCC's plan is no secret and no matter how much the Commission's members may hide away from the media they're intended to regulate, this fact cannot be unknown to them. All this can mean is that the desires, nay, the needs of the people simply do not measure up when stood against the towering influence corporations like Comcast and Verizon hold over it all, dangling from their overflowing wallets. The ability to throw our voices into the din seemed little more than a placebo and now even that has been snatched away.
    But we must not give up. We may all be shouting into the wind but through that wind, huddled safe and warm in their cozy shelter of bureaucracy and fattened bank accounts are people. People whose ears may be sharp enough to catch a fleeting voice on the wind, a voice reminding them that they are people just like we are people and we, the people need to stand together lest we all be torn apart by the wolves that want only to feed on our bones.

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