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    Carolyn A commented  · 

    We have the FCC here for a reason which includes monitoring what is said in the public media that comes into our homes. I'm appalled at the depth of all this counsel and court rulings using our tax dollars about all these iffy circumstances and wording such as; vagueness", "undefined", "indescernable", "inconsistant", ""hypothetical circumstances", "occasional expletive", "restrained", "not clearly defined", "bona fide", "appears to pander", or "tittalate", "shock value", "intensifier", "not literal, "context judged". Why the justification on words? What is so difficult and hard to understand or conceive that any adult and the FCC know what an expletive is? Truly it's plain and simple. Does it occur that there are many cable channels which can be subscribed to (now that is another issue in and of itself) that have their own disgression or lack of, for cripple conservasionalists, or vulgar, offensive, explicit and graphic nature loving contemporary community people? Radio is totally off limits because any child has access. We now have Sirius air waves, again for whatever use. But let's keep the main broadcasting channels; ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox public. Some of us adults don't want to have this language in our face also at any time whether live or not, or "news show". Then you wonder why we as a society have lost our values, morals and good character and have become a less than mediocre people. Have I used expletives? Yes. Have I been crude and vulgar? Yes. But not in public. Why can't it be not who is right but what is right? Hhhheeeeelllllooooo. Along with the internet it is already an uphill losing battle. I weep for this next generation who is bombarded with all the filth and sleaze from all sides!!! Thank you for all of the times that you have upheld the constitution and fined those who so deservingly had to pay, whether it was eight years ago, (super bowl) or the bare buttocks and "Bonos" (*****). Now that should be an expletive. Which reminds me, I'm so sick that children have to listen about "if you have an erection lasting more than eight hours, please seek medical attention". I'm just glad that my children are grown and don't ask me what is an erection. Yes there is a time and place for those talks. Is it a major health crisis that the majority of citizens don't know how to talk with a doctor? We get it over and over. I just hope my grandchildren don't come upon those many commercials at my home and ask me what an erection is. Now isn't that part of a ****** activity.

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