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    IToday, US citizen's first amendment rights are under assault in a Washington courthouse by large corporations who want to censor the Internet, control content and reserve access to Internet services and content for only the wealthy.

    Internet Service Providers must not be allowed to be either content creators, providers, curators, editors, gate keepers, or in any way influence customer access to Internet services and content. Under law, corporations who operate as ISPs should be barred from any activity other than to deliver quality access to the Internet and improve Internet Infrastructure. ISPs should be required to make sure that their actions promote affordable, universal, state of the art access to the Internet, giving priority to citizens who are human beings, not corporations. ISPs should be required to support local government and community initiatives to provide free and open Internet access, promote competition, and should be heavily penalized for colluding with other corporations to stifle innovation through creation and maintanence of monopolies, bloating the costs of Internet access, neglecting needed improvements and maintenance of delivery infrastructure.

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