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    Chris commented  · 

    I love the civil discussion here. I've been reading the responses in this thread in email since I posted my response, and I think Rick M.'s is the most succinct.

    To him I pose a question: If you needed to click a few more times to get to what was once displayed in a plain list on the front page in order to attract more public attention and understanding of very important current issues? I have been in your positions before, but there is payoff for society in the long run.

    Chris commented  · 

    I don't understand why people assume that you must necessarily sacrifice one for the other.

    Chris commented  · 

    This is a duplicate of .

    However, my response was that this is a beta, and your argument is that "site is different, can't find old things" (which happens every time facebook changes its) so there isn't a 1:1 mapping. Don't let the fact that you can't get to the old content in the same way distract from the fact that a government agency is finally using modern technology to interact with its constituency.

    Chris commented  · 

    This is a more civil and well written version of the discussion that occurs every time FaceBook changes its layout. If your argument is that you cannot access something that you used to be able to, that's one thing, but the argument seems to be that "you changed your website, now things are in different places."

    Remember, as well, that this is still a beta design and that implies that there is no requirement to give you a 1:1 mapping of old to new as it will probably be changing rapidly.

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