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    Agree, agree, agree. Really, who is commenting on this redesign? The folks who actually visit the site on a regular basis and use it, and see the headline to "check out our new site!" And, those folks are either telecom wonks, geeks, and wizards (or just plain weird guys wearing tin hats who cruise goverment sites searching for conspiracy).

    The FCC (and its website) was not, is not, and will never be a portal for popular public entertainment. It is a place of hardcore policy junkies whose respective interests in the law, economics, and technology coalesce at an agency that, by right, should include plastic pocket protectors as part the dress code. And dudes, I mean that all the respect I can garner and throw your way - what is done by the FCC is critical.

    But you don't wear a tux to build a skyscraper. The FCC website should hold true to its utilitarian roots.

    Save the flash

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