1. [bug] does not resolve to an IP address from ISP's DNS servers, but DOES resolve using Google DNS ( or

  2. i have been on DSS in Yonkers, Mount Vernon,White Plains and did not get any services

  3. Make divisions reachable from the home page, not just bureaus  ·  started

  4. is not working

  5. Make Reporting Easier

  6. Be held responsible for lack of actions and ignorance for allowing my "identity" to be destroyed. This is my one valued life glass chewers.

  7. Please add the bureaus' reports to the data tab so that we can more easily find them

  8. Stop the sale of spectrum and allocate what would be the next primary channel frequency for EMS, etc

  9. Eliminate Do Not Call Registry; It appears this data collection effort has no authority to stop unwanted calls

  10. Leave the local stations is the only way we can connect to data after a (hurricane) dias

  11. I would like to use the 433 MHz band to control and receive data from an unmanned autonomous vehicle ...

  12. scantodobusinesswithFCC

  13. Privacy concern from call sign lookups

  14. Make major new rule changes like new cross-ownership rule (Jan 2013) easy to find and understand

  15. Close the tollfree leasing loophole

  16. I cannot download Cable Communities. Are you no longer providing that data, or has it been moved elsewhere (if so where?)

  17. All of the applications at the ceased working yesterday afternoon (March 26, 2013) and are still offline

  18. getLicenses - More location detail requested

  19. I believe there is a major error in the 2009 Internet Access Services Report. Table 18 would indicate a decrease in lines from '08-'09

  20. Buy up all of the data transport in the US,....Give it to Google.....they seem to be interested in better performance.

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