1. Please provide for local data export as .csv frm the mobile app. I'd like access to the data I have provided.

  2. Broadband Deployment Data from FCC Form 477 - Fixed and Mobile national data file links not working. Also CT state level not working.

  3. Cable Search Error  ·  completed

  4. How will schools and teachers model responsible online behavior if we block them from interacting?

  5. Add Calm Act

  6. Stop the constant barage of higher education business attaching their services to job related searches.

  7. The government is clearly violating my 4th Amendment rights

  8. Call Sign Lookup Widget (for broadcast stations)  ·  under review

  9. Is there a rule for Customer Service response times for Wireless carriers!? 55 minutes hold on StraightTalk!

  10. Simplify the report process for robocalls to a single number entry form and act based on statistics and frequency.

  11. Hire people that understand the difference between the words "sight" and "site."

  12. Regional to International

  13. Link Broken, problem listed Since Dec. 2011

  14. Ketone Slim XT

  15. This page is diferent and more complicated than 2 week ago.

  16. Can all the databases for all the data related to the FRNs be linked??  ·  under review

  17. Actually do some work, act upon Do Not Call violations!

  18. The broadband availability maps are not nearly detailed enough.

  19. [bug] does not resolve to an IP address from ISP's DNS servers, but DOES resolve using Google DNS ( or

  20. Healthy Life Form

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