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are Mariapia Vernile from Taranto (Italy), president of the nonprofit
Association CUAMJ-. Centro Universo Autismo Meridionale Jonico. I received
your mail and I read with interest that you are well organized for charity to
the less fortunate .. There
I write because 'we are committed to an ambitious start-up project in favor
of young adults with autism. A project that if implemented, will allow 'our
children to live independently. The project received the moral support of the
Region of Puglia, Nichi Vendola chaired by the governor for the high social
value and innovative. Unfortunately, however, 'lack the funds to accomplish and
that is why I am committed to finding people who can help get it started.
Moreover, the project andis exported all over the world, offering the
opportunity 'of interchanges for the dissemination of good practice for the
recovery of these people with autism Wonderful. The project is very briefly is
URBAN LABORATORIES THE FACTORY. Creating Business With and for People with
Autism, integrated in society 'of neurotypical. All According to the latest
provisions of the Lisbon Strategy and the new ICF for Persons with assessments
of residual HC Autism is one of the most serious and chronic psychiatric
disorders and precocious onset after 18 years of age ', including in the sphere
of mental illness. The severity and symptoms of autism vary widely from
individual to individual and sometimes tend to improve with age if a valid
treatment is undertaken at an early age. It is estimated to affect about 1 in
every 150 births (figures for the 'WHO-World Health Organization') around the
world, with male prevalence of about 3 to 1. The Urban Lab is a place of
aggregation and expression of youth in rural and / or industrial zones. It 's a
social marketing intervention in support of projects for social cohesion in
pursuit of its goals, the Urban Laboratory THE FACTORY operates according to
criteria of autonomy and cultural planning, starting and job placement and
production, promoting knowledge, creativity and experimentation with new
languages ​​and forms of social cohesion of these special people, in
partnership with public and private institutions. The Start Up Laboratory will
fire 'in a day care center in which to start a small group of adult users in
activities' type work craft / trade, while ensuring the continuity of'
therapeutic, economic and management of the laboratory through
commercialization of goods and services produced. These special people are born
twice: they must learn to move in a world that the first birth has made more
'difficult. The second depends on us, from what I know to give.They were born
two times and location will be 'more' troubled
The project 'exportable. We are looking for or supporting public and private finance we also part of the launch of the project. For information contact

Mariapia Vernile, *** . nobile + 39 334 8648212

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