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You know what would REALLY do American Consumers some good?

Start charging these robo-racketeering-Rachel scum for violating the RICO Act-
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. They already violate TCPA & TSR, abusing, harassing, and threatening Americans by phone. Just chose one, and make an example out of them! Not hard, you could throw a rock in downtown Orlando, FL, and probably hit one square at the front door! Maybe the next one will think twice before starting up this shill operation. Here’s one advertising hiring more two-bit thugs to terrorize citizens. They say they are “fully licensed”! I guess that’s a “license” is to circumvent RULE of LAW, if they are not stopped, as they BREAK the LAW.

Here’s “Ren“, who must be a robo-card service genius @ 407-692-6013 wants to hire more scum to harass American Consumers by phone!

“Fronter's & Closer's Needed for L.I. Sales Room (Downtown Orlando )
We are an Experienced L.I. company, State of the Art & Computerized, We are fully licensed, looking for fresh new sales representatives
that are licensed or are able to be licensed (we pay)!
Must have prior sales experience with qualifying clients for lower interest rates on credit cards.
Great work atmosphere, beautiful building, smoking area for breaks, break-room area, 45 minute lunch break & Great Pay!!!
Hours: M-F from 10:00am - 5:30pm
No major Holiday's!
Serious Applicants ONLY!!!”

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