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You're not putting key items like Wireless Competition Report links on your front page headlines, but do include some fluffy items there. To find the wireless report, relatively easily at least, I had to go to your old Website, where it was at the top of headlines. What gives? I'm afraid this editorial judgment just reinforces perception you're playing some sort of PR game with the new Website. You should play it straight.

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  • AdminFCC (new media, Federal Communications Commission) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi folks. To update you on this, the items featured on the homepage and at have been rearchitected to better represent these headlines. They should now track the same standards. Thanks again for your feedback on this and please continue to give us ideas and suggestions and we'll continue to integrate them into the website. -FCC New Media

  • Function Over Form commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is now one of the biggest problems with the site, in my opinion. The headlines feature of the old site that was at the main page and on each bureau page was unquestionably far superior to the current Newsroom. First, the Newsroom seems incomplete, it does not show the most important things, like Order, NPRMs, Reports, clearly. Second, it shows too few items. The front page shows seven items, when you click on newsroom, it defaults to 10 items. Even worse, the Newsroom tends to give multiple lines to repetitive items. We don't need a separate three line listing for every Commissioner's statement on a Notice. Finally, headlines are still unreasonable truncated at times on the front page.

    What we want is a quick and reliable way to see all the important releases by the Commission and the Bureaus on the front page and each Bureau page. Daily Digest is hard to read and sporadically updated. EDOCs is great but you have to know what you are looking for, it's not for browsing. the headlines on the front page and on the bureau pages are essential, this is the number 1 thing I go back to the old page for right now. (This, and the much better organization and easier to find links to various tools and resources...).

    Please, look back at what is on the previous page when it comes to headlines, then every place where the new website differs, change it back. The old way was superior in every respect.

    (Also, interesting to see that you appear to have abandoned the Official Documents tool...)

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Glad to see you finally added the Wireless Competition Report to headlines. But why the delay?

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