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It appears that "Official Documents" is intended to replace edocs. If so it should include a few additional features beyond what it has in the beta:
(1) It requires docket search and date range search
(2) The various filters on the right could prove very useful. One recommendation: everywhere throughout the site where there is a list of filters, check all/uncheck all buttons should be included
(3) One of the nice things about edocs is the "Full Report" feature, which gives you useful information like the FCC Record citation, or a contact person at the FCC, where appropriate. Similar information should be available through "Official Documents".

Edocs is nice because it lets you search just offical FCC releases. The new search box does not (easily) replicate this functionality. Official Documents could certainly be an improvement upon edocs, but before that happens, it should be able to replicate all of the functionality of the earlier system.

With these changes,

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Thanks ‘Function Over Form’ for the very useful feedback on how we can improve the Official Documents section of the site.

The spirit behind the Beta release was exactly this— to give super-users of like yourself the opportunity to provide valuable input on how to improve the redesign.

We’re looking into all three of your suggestions now. Many thanks.

-FCC New Media


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